Sunday, March 25, 2012

Washington DC

I love to go new places!! Unfortunately, my husband doesn't always want to jump into my adventure of traveling. But that is why I have amazing friends that love visitors! One of my very best friends, Beth, is my world wide traveler that I love to go visit. She has lived in France during college, St.Louis, and now Washington D.C. I will be the first to say that I wish I could travel the world like she does, but lets be honest, I can't see myself moving ahead from home. However, her adventurous spirit has allowed me to take some pretty amazing trips over the years to visit her. And she always know how to show a girl a good time!  I have been wanting to go to D.C. for a long time now, but with planning our wedding, honeymoon, and trying to sell our house, it was a slow process. But....I did get there last fall!

Beth was such a great host and showed me such a great time. Even though, I am sure she didn't want to visit all the monuments and museums, like a tourist, she did anyways for me. It was so nice to have your own personal tour guide around the city. I didn't have to ask for directions or which bus to get on, because she exactly where to go. She also took me to some of the favorite local events, like the out door market and some swanky bars. We had a blast just being girls and roaming the city. I am a huge tourist picture taker, so every stop I was snapping away. I even got to see the famous Dupont Circle for the movie American President. There might have even been a sniper on top of the White House! I know I get excited about the little things. I always have such a great time with Beth and I wish we were able to be with each other more often than we do. She is the type of friend, who you can pick up with right where you left off every time we talk and she has a heart of gold!! I can't thank her enough so all the wonderful times we have shared together over the many years of friendship.

Do you see the Sniper?

I can not wait to get to go back soon and visit again! Oh how can I forget. I got my first pair of TOMS on this trip and let me tell you I love them so much! If you have never owned or even tried on a pair....I definitely recommend it!

The ones I got

The ones I really need to find!! GO CATS!

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