Thursday, March 29, 2012

Its Moving Time Again

After 4 months in the Bird House, it is a bitter-sweet day when Steve and I finally get to move into our new house. It has been a pretty cool expereince watching our house grow from dirt to concert to wood to our home.

We had a great expereince with Ball Homes, they were very helpful and quick to answer our questions or fix any problems we had with the house along the way. Since my dad has builder keys, we were able to go over at night and see our house at every step in the building process. I have a whole album of pictures that probably no one can tell what they are except for me. Once the dry wall was up, Steve and I finally felt like we had a new home.

We were so looking forward to moving into our new house, that I even took a week off of work so that we wouldn't be rushed. Well our closing got pushed back a week (that is what I get for trying to plan ahead). That put us moving in the week of Christmas! We had family coming into town, Steve and I both had to work all week, so moving in wasn't has easy as we wanted it to me. Luckly, we have the best friends in the world! Tricia, John, and Sheila all came over helped us unpacked and even brought us dinner! It was just what we needed to keep going.
Here are some of my favorite parts of the house...all before we moved in...

Breakfast area and view of backyard

I love this fireplace!!

My Bedroom our bedroom is grey!

Master Bath
Boot helpful for all the little things
Unfortantely, being so close to Christmas, we did not take on the task of decorating and putting up our own Christmas tree. However, we did get to enjoy helping Ryan, Steve's mom, and my grandma put up their trees. I am so looking forward to next Christmas, where can acctually have our first married Christmas in our new home!
Tallulah under Ryan's Tree

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