Friday, March 30, 2012

Superbowl Festitives

Steve and I decided that our first house warming gathering was going to be a Superbowl Party! Who doesn't love a great Superbowl party with good food, friends, and of course a BIG screen to watch it on. After a month of having our new TV sitting on the floor, due to some technical difficulties in the wire department, we finally got our TV mounted on the wall in the family room. We were so excited and couldn't wait to show off the house to our friends and family.

I was planning on ordering really cute invites and make a big deal about it, but with the unsureness of the TV, I only had about a week to get everything together. I ended up counting on my trusty Liquor Barn to supply me with the necessary Superbowl decor. I love planning parties, that I think I would do this every weekend if I could afford it! We had new friends and old friends here, plus our families, which made for a great evening!! Everyone made a dish and we have a huge spread of delicious food! I even got really creative and made football brownies! We couldn't have asked for a better house warming party!!

Best Brownies...I would like some now actually

Food Spread

Cute plates and napkins

Football Cupcakes!

Watching the Game
Steve came up with a little betting game so that everyone had a reason to stay and cheer til the end. The betting board contained 100 squares. Each squares being $1. Each person put their initials in whichever squares they wanted and played accordingly. Then after all the squares were full, we drew a number 0-9 out of a hat that went on the top of the grid representing one team. Then the same thing down the left side of the grid to represent the other team (but the numbers in a different order. We drew twice). There was a  winner at the end of each quarter, depending on the score of the game. For the end of the 1st quarter the NYG were up 9 to NE 0. So the person who won was the person who had their initials in the box that met with NYG 9 and NE 0. Each quarter the price got bigger. The winner, had their initials in the box that met with NYG 1 and NE 7, because the final score was 21 to 17. (I hope that makes sense). You should try it out for your own party next year! Here is the website where we got some great tips!

Papa Joe, picking his squares

I can't wait to have a cookout this summer!! I am thinking Lula theme!

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