Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Bird House

Time for so more catching up....
After Steve and I sold my house in September, we moved in with my sister and her family for 4 months. Going from living in your own house with your own space, kitchen, bathroom, etc. to living with 4 adults, 1 toddler, a baby, and 2 dogs is quite a change to say the least. However, my sister and I had the best time always being together and I just love her kids to death. My sister and I have definitely gotten closer in our older years compared to some early days in our lives, but the time we lived together, we really learned to respect each other for who we are. She is such a great mom and will do anything for her kids. She is a great wife and role model to me on how to raise a family. She has taught me so much and continues to be the best big sister a girl can have!!

Stacy, Sister, and Me
We celebrated my 27th Birthday with another touchdown tailgate!! Steve and I have been tailgating with Ryan and David (sister and brother-in-law) now for the past several years and we love it!! We always have corn hole and the grill set up! Steve and I go early to score big spots, while Ryan and David trail in a couple hours later. Being in September, tailgating is a perfect time to celebrate my birthday. We had a lot of friends and family come and celebrate with us, which always makes for a great day! My dad even scored a pass park right next to us so he could join the day long celebration!!

During our time at the Bird house, Steve and Nash became closer as well. :) Uncle Steve helped Nash crave his Halloween pumpkin. Nash gets so excited about the little things, that it makes experiences with him that much better!

"Yuck" Inside the Pumpkin Face

Hands Back....Knife Alert

Proud of his Jack O Lantern

Brinkley and Riley were great helpers!
I know that as they get older, I am going to miss these sweet times we got to spend with them. Even though, Steve and I felt like we moved back into a dorm room, we loved our time at the Bird House!

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