Friday, April 29, 2011

I Can Hear the Wedding Bells

The To-Do List is complete and all the friends are arriving to Lexington!! I am so excited to finally be wedding Steve. We have looked forward to this day for soo long. Our wedding day will one year exactly from when Steve proposed. We decided to pick April 30th as our wedding date due to a lot of factors, (cousins graduations, finals, keeneland, etc), however I think Steve had it planned the whole time. We started dating October 30th, 2008; got engaged April 30th, 2010, and will be married April 30th, 2011. He always says he only had to remember one date this way. "The 30th" will always be our "important" date.

Steve and I feel so blessed to have all the friends and family in our lives that we do. This wedding definitely wouldn't have been possible without everyone's help. Our friends have thrown showers, helped with details, made phone calls, and have always been there for my many indecisive moments. I have learned that sometimes you just need someone else to make the dicision. I have used that line a lot lately. I can remember at the beginning of all the wedding planning, I wanted to my opinion in every detail of the wedding. I did a lot of the researching myself. I had some ideas that not everyone in my family agreed on. But by the end of the day, we found a compromise we all loved!!

FYI....I am so in love with my dress. I can't wait to share the many pictures from the wedding day!

The reherseal is tomorrow night (techniquely tonight since its past midnight). We finally get to gather with all our friends to celebrate what Steve and I have felt along. Steve's mom has put in soo many hours to help make this wedding so special for Steve and I. I feel so blessed to have her as my mother-in-law. From the beginning she has been actively helping me with any and many details of the wedding. Thanks to her we have beautiful invitations!! Add Welcome Bags. I will post those later.

I also have to thank my mom. She put up with me through all my melt downs and panic moments and still just keep going with the wedding details. She is so good at keeping me organized and focused. I have learned she doesn't lie well though. (I guess that is a good thing), but I could always tell when she didn't like my ideas. She was always supportive though and helped me find something that we both liked. A lot of people kept telling me "Its your wedding, not your moms," however she didn't pay for most of it so she does get a saty. Plus I want her to like it and be happy with all the plans. 

Tonight was the first night I that I actually got to think about the fact that I am really getting married Saturday! I have been soo busy with errands and crafts that I hadn't really had time to just stop and enjoy! And let me tell you, I am SOOOOO excited to finally be Mrs. Heet. (Even though that does make me feel like his mother). The best advice I have got so far came from my dear friend, Ellen. Tonight she told me to stop once an hour on Saturday and just look around, then keep going. I know that everyone says the wedding day goes by too fast. I really hope I will be able to stop and enjoy it all. I have worked to hard on it not to. Steve and I will be seeing each other for the wedding to take pictures and such. I am so looking forward to spending the day with him and celebrating our wedding day!!

To all my friends and family coming...see you in 40 a pretty white dress! ;)

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  1. oh my gosh I can't wait till tomorrow! so glad the sun is going to come out for your day:) hope everything went well today!! love you :)