Monday, April 4, 2011


Most of you know that I have been on an exercise kick for the wedding. For the last 5 months I have been going to Bootcamp at Crossfit. Kathy is the trainer who teaches the class and she is amazing!! She is so knowledge about fitness and weight loss that she makes you want to keep coming back to her classes. I attended her classes 3 days a week and lost a lot of inches without giving up my favorite foods! (If anyone is looking for a great workout plan, you need to call her!!) However, with the wedding getting closer I don't have time this month to fit bootcamp into my schedule. So I had to look elsewhere and I discovered ZUMBA for the Wii!! I have been to a couple classes before and really enjoyed it. I am not currently a member at any gym right now so being able to do it at home is perfect.

Contrary to regular work out videos, Zumba is fun and you get to dance the whole time, which we all know is my favorite thing to do. Since it is on the Wii if you aren't doing the moves right it stops and teaches you so you can burn the most calories possible. I hate when those skinny workout people just keep going and you have stop and rewind so you can learn whatever crazy exercise they have invented. Needless to say this will be my workout for the next month. I will most definitely be ready for the dance floor after this! Come on April 30th!


  1. girl i LOVE zumba! it is such a good workout, and FUN! let me know if you like it for the Wii, I might be inclined to get it!
    t-minus 26 days!

  2. I have got to start back at bootcamp. I have no excuse now! I was busy but not that summer is around the corner I've got time!!!