Sunday, April 3, 2011

Basketball and Spring Cleaning

What a disappointing basketball game. I felt like I was watching the Kentucky team that was playing back in January. Not the team that ended the season on a 6 game winning streak and winning the SEC Championship by beating Florida in the championship game, 70-54. Making the winning streak 10. Not the team that beat Princeton in the first round of the NCAA tournament...not the team that beat West Virginia by 8 (beginning of the revenge.). Not the team that defeated the #1 overall seed, Ohio State, 62-60. And finally, not the team that beat UNC by 7 to reach the Final Four.  Not only did our freshman step up to the plate and started playing as a team and helping each other, but OMG Harrellson and Liggins (where have you been all this time) took the team and lead them with leadership and heart all the way to the Final Four. WHAT HAPPENED KENTUCKY?!?!?  Did you get nervous, did you let it get to your head, did you start thinking you could just throw the basketball and it would automatically fly into the basket....well whatever you were or weren't thinking.....Last night's game was soo disappointing.

Being born and raised in Lexington, KY and attending UK basketball since I was a baby, I can't be mad at UK Basketball. Its not in my BLUE blood! I am proud of the team for what they did and for getting to the Final Four, but man a victory would have been sweet!!

On other note....the sunshine is beaming today and I have the Spring Cleaning Fever. I am sure once I dive into my cleaning it may be a different story, but at the end of the day and smell of fresh lemons will make it all worth it! My new Spring motto..."Reduce clutter, Create Space." With Steve and I wanting to put the house on the market after the wedding. It is way pass time to get this house together.

A while back I bought some Thirty One items from a friend at work and the promotion was an organizing tote for $5. so of course I didn't pass up that buy even though I had no idea what was going to do with one more tote bag. Well the tote has been sitting for several months in the closet with no place or purpose. In thinking about my spring cleaning I have decided to convert it into my handy cleaning tote. Here is an example. Not only is handy, but its also organized and pretty to look at!!

Favorite Cleaning Tips:
1. Always Make the Bed
2. Dirty Clothes Don't Wash Themselves
3. Dust is Not An Accessory
4. Don't Walk Pass Something That Needs to be Put Away
 All-time favorite: The "Magic Eraser" can fix everything!


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  1. i cleaned like that before we left on Hawaii and it was SO NICE coming home to a clean house. i do love that bag though, maybe I need to get me one!