Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Bliss =)

The wedding day was such a success!! I can't believe that there wasn't a major disaster or something that just didn't go our way, but by the grace of God (who knows I don't handle stress well), our wedding day was perfect!! The weather could not have been more beautiful! The sunny was shinning down with beams of light from heaven.
That morning all the girls started off at the Insignia Salon, where Chris Johns did our hair (Thanks Kelly for the recommendations!) . As most of you know I changed my min about my hair several times, but the wedding day I decided to go classic. All the bridesmaids had purple feathers to go in their hair. Even with all different hair styles, the feathers looked fantastic! After hair we went to the church to quickly get ready.

Steve and I had saw each other before the wedding so we could get all the pictures done. The "first look" is the best idea.....Steve and I were able to have a private time to just be with each other before all the business started. The bridal party then went out to take pictures, we visited Victorian Square, the Courthouse, and Thoroughbred Park. We had such a fun time laughing, telling stories, and just enjoying each other!! Steve's dad, Joe was definitely our comedian of the group. He got a little distracted during the photo shoot. =)
Back at the church we took some family pictures and had some relaxing down time before the ceremony, (which at this point was much needed). I got to spend time with the ladies, while Steve got to hang out with the guys. One of the classic moments came at this time, when Nash decides to take a poop in his diaper right before he is suppose to walk down the aisle. I do believe this is the only reason he actually walked down and didn't run. I knew I was going to have to lighten the mood somehow when my dad and I were walking down the aisle, so with perfect timing I told him Nash just pooped in his diaper! It made for a little laughter among my dad's tears.

Seeing Steve standing at the end of the aisle, is a moment I will never forget. He is the man that God sent to complete my life. Steve knows just how to spoil me and keep me in line all at the same time. He is a great protector, provider, and best friend! There was a line in our vows that said, "I will not settle for anything other than God’s best for us" and I know he will do exactly that! We exited the church with a rose petal toss and a rode away in a shiny white Bentley! (Thanks Mom)

The reception was a blast!! I told Steve, I can't believe all these people are here to celebrate us! Its a pretty overwhelming and amazing experience. The food was wonderful, and I was starving. I have to be a HUGE thank you to the Embassy Suites and Amy Stamper, because they did everything just right! Also a HUGE thank you to John Wilson, with Complete Music!! By far the best DJ and crowd entertainer I know and I have been to my fair share of weddings.
P.S. Honeymoon to come next!

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  1. your wedding was perfect! and you were so beautiful. I can't wait to read about your honeymoon!