Sunday, May 29, 2011

The New Mrs. Heet

Last week so fun for me! We finally received our marriage license after a little misplacement. So I got to go to the Social Security Office to change my name. I have been thinking long and hard about what my "new" name should be. I don't know many people who have kept there madian name, but I was having a hard time getting rid of it completely. My parents had 2 girls and my uncle had 3 girls, so there are no men to carry on the "Flora" name. Ryan, my sister, and I have talked about using it as a middle name for a child, but its not the same as your last name. After several days of going back and forth, I decided to make my "new" name "Whitney Flora Heet!" Once you have had a name for 26 years, its hard to just let go. This way I get both names.

After a couple days, I went to the DMV and got my new license as well. I always hate getting a new license because normally the pictures are terrible. But that day I guess God was on my side and it actually turned out to be a really good picture. Unfortanely we will be moving soon and I have will have to get a new one again, but at least it will be good for a while!

Saturday, Steve and I had made plans for a lunch date and a movie. For some reason, we were earlier getting ready (which never happens), so I asked Steve if we could go to the bank to switch my name over again. To most people this probably sounds like a HUGE hassel, but I am loving every minute of it! It means that Steve and I are finally husband and wife and I am so proud of that. After the bank, Steve and I went to see our first movie, officially as Mr and Mrs Heet. LOL I know this probably gets old at some point, but I am having a blast enjoying it right now. We saw Hangover 2, which by the way is hilirous. I still can't decide if it is better than the first one. (I mean it doesn't get much better than Vegas weddings, baby Carlos, crazy chinese man, and sunburnt bodies.) But it was still good for lots of laughs!

We went and ate lunch at Saul Good after the movie. I LOVE that restuarant! Steve always gets his staple meal: Chicken and Waffles. I, however, like to try new things everytime. I had the veggie pizza this time. It was pretty good. My favorite meal though so far is still the Strawberry Salad!! I think its the dressing that gets me everytime. If you haven't been you should defeinitely give it a try!

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