Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yard Work

If you know me well, you know...I HATE yard work!! It's just not in me. I hate being hot and sweaty, I hate getting my hands all dirty, I hate trying to figure out where plants should go, and the difference between a weed, a plant, and grass can all get very confusing lol. And I especially hate the blisters that reside on my hands for days after doing yard work. I won't mention the back pain from GAINT bags of Miracle Grow and mulch. However, over the last 3 days my newly handy husband has removed our old rotten fence that was 16 years old and replaced it with a new beauitful fence and gate that will now hopefully keep Tallulah in the back yard. He has sweated, got multiple blisters, got his hands really dirty, broke two hammers, and pleased his very happy wife!  
Right Side

Left Side


Since Steve did such a good job with the fence without complaining...I decided it was my turn to make the yard pretty. At the end of 2010, we dug up all the landscaping in the front yard because it was killed by Trugreen.. (Don't use them)! So I had a blank canvas to work with. Knowing that yard work isn't my thing I had to buy plants that are hardy and don't need much tending too. I also wanted to change our mulch to black from tan because I think it looks better. I went to Lowe's and even to a nursey to gather all my supplies. I decided to go with Hastas and Knock Out Roses. Last year, I but a bunch of flowers out and they all died, so I went simple this time. After several hours, an aching back, dirty hands (I mean gloves), the yard looks pretty good!

The pictures were taking in the dark, so they are a little hard to see.

Proof of my hard work...These were new today

New favorites
I am so proud that I got it all done! However, I don't even want to think about the back yard. That will be for another day...

Enjoy getting your hands drity...or your gloves =)

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