Sunday, June 26, 2011

Building Our Home

Steve and I have been looking for  months for a new home. Our house we live in now, I bought before I meet Steve and before I knew how much junk stuff that two people can acquire. Needless to say, we are vastly running out of room to build a family in. We don't have a single wedding present here, besides the spice rack and toaster, because we simply don't have room! Luckily his parents have been more than generous in sharing their basement as our storage closet.

On the search for a new home, Steve and I have hit some big walls. Either we like the house, but not the neighborhood, or vise versa. Some houses have great outsides, but terrible insides. Some have great masters, but tiny other bedrooms. There is just too many combinations out there that were not meeting our exceptions. The reality is that neither Steve and I are the remodeling type. I like things that way I want them the first time. We can paint and changes fixtures, but when we comes to ripping up cabinets and knocking down walls, it just ain't gonna happen. lol 

In conclusion, we have decided to build!! I love the neighborhood off Man O' War, Glasford!! The houses there have such character and the neighborhood is really quiet. Eventually it is suppose to connect to Waterford, but I am hoping that since Waterford is so close, that the traffic won't be too bad. We picked a lot in the very back so that our backyard is the tree line, and I wouldn't ever have creepy neighbors peaking in my backyard. =) We are out the way from the main traffic and the cut-through traffic to Waterford, so we are hoping for the best!

How our lot currently looks, Soon to be our new home!

Now that we have picked out our floor plan we have to pick out all the design features. Our meeting is on Tuesday and I am a little nervous. Steve and I are trying to keep our "up-grades" under control. But somethings are just going to be a MUST!! After Tuesday we will know a lot more about what our house will look like. I have spent the last 2 weeks looking at very model home in Lexington taking pictures to get ideas for our perfect home! Steve and I are hoping we can stay in this house for a long time and build our family. (Even though having kids is still a scary subject for me). Steve's parents were able to pay their house off in the time owning it and I think that is a very high goal Steve and I would like to strive for. So although our house may seem big the future it will be well worth it!

The floor plan we choose in the McCormick from Ball Homes. We are so looking forward to designing and watching our house being built. So far everyone I talk to says if you can stay marry while building a house then it can withstand anything! All I have to say is BRING IT ON!!

Picture of our Model home. Our hopefully will have stone in the middle sections and a different brick color. But you get the idea.

Stay tuned for more details!!


  1. Oh how exciting! I love that model u picked out! I can't wait to watch your house grow! How exciting!!! Are u off thurs or fri this week???

  2. Oh, so you guys are going to build your own home? You seem to have a very nice model for a home, and the insides must be very nice as well! It might be a lot of work, but it's a great experience. And when you're done, you'll feel great for having a hand in building the home you'll be living in!

    -Marvin Mills