Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gun Range

I am the first to say that gun shooting to me is a little scary. Besides my dad's hunting guns hanging on the basement walls when I was a kid, I have very little experience in guns. I was beyond naive about how they worked, how to load, and especial how to shoot. My sister and I bought our husband a Living Social coupon for a day at the gun range. It included, a lane, one gun rental, 50 rounds, glasses, and ear muffs for two. Neither Ryan or I had ever shot a gun, so we were a little nervous when the day came to face our fear.

Our adventure started with the boys trying to help us pick out a gun to shoot. Steve decided we should shoot 9mm because it has the least kick. Unfortantely it also has little aim lol (I will get to that). Once we had guns, the boys also had to teach us how to load them. Then it was time for shooting. I was so nervous to take my first shot. What if it hurts, what if hit something I'm not suppose to, what if I heate it. But, it wasn't that bad. Once I shot a couple, it got easier to relax and try and aim. Lets just say, I am going to need some more practice if I plan on being good at this at all. However, I did have some good shots.


First shot

Steve and I's target
After the regular target shooting, Ryan and David rented a metal shooting lane. This was a lot more fun. These lanes had a game where the targets popped up randomly and you had to shot them down. Plus there were only 3 lanes in this room, so it was much quieter than the big open range. Overall I say it was good family bonding experience. Who knows if I will do it again, but at least I am not scare of them anymore and I faced my  fear!

Successful Day

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