Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

I was so excited for Easter Sunday this year. I have had to work the past 2 years on Easter, so this year I wanted to make the most of it. I love holidays with my family! We hang out all day, eat great food, play games, laugh at the kids, its just so much fun. Plus this was the first holiday, Steve and I got to host in our new house. We started the day with going to church. Steve's parents were able to come with us, which I was sooo excited about it. They hadn't been to our church before, and I wanted them to know why we loved it so much! Our church is a little bit modern, so you never know how its going to go when you take new people. But they liked it!! Having them there at church with us meant so much to Steve and me. After church everyone gathered back at our house to eat!

I love hosting and planning parties. I wish I could have been a party planner in my second life. I made several table decorations, easter baskets for my neice and nephew, plus I turned the silverware into carrots.

Dining Room Table- Egg Tree turned out so cute

Kitchen Table-These little eggs on a stick came from the Dollar store

Easter Baskets and outfits

Carrot Silverware
After eating the boys decided to take advanage of the nice weather and go play a round at the golf course. We didn't plan on having an Easter Egg Hunt, but Nash wasn't able to go to one eariler in the weekend, due to allergies, so Sheila and I sent out to hide the eggs in my yard.

And I can't forget about my Bunny Cupcakes. These things turned out so cute. You make white cupcakes and frost with white icing. Immediately after icing a cupcake dip it in a bowl with coconut. These makes the bunny fur. The recipe called for colored cocnut, however I can't find liquid food color anywhere in my city. So my bunnies had white fur. To make the ears I used gum sticks and rounded the edges. The inside of the ears is a gum stick cut in half and rounded. Attach with a little bit of icing. The eyes and nose are made with icing tubes. Lastly cut colored mini marshmellows in half and attach with icing to make the feet. These were really easy and so cute.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!!


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