Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Getaway

My husband (Steve) and I just returned from a much needed and enjoyed weekend getaway! Steve is starting a new job next week, so we had a little time off to be able to take a long weekend in Asheville, NC. If you have never been to Asheville, it is definitely a place to visit. Being that the high temperature for us was around 35, we didn't get to do much outdoors, but we still had a great time. Asheville has some of the best restaurants I have eaten at. The first night we enjoyed Tupelo Honey Cafe which was recommend by several! It was a great little home cooked restaurant with lots of personality. They served you biscuits with honey and jam to start your meal and Steve finished with a Root Beer Float. What more could you want :)
Next we enjoyed The Lobster Trap. We ended up sitting at the Oyster Bar and talking to the cooks most of the night. We could have been entertained alone by their art of opening oyster shells and staging each plate that went out, but instead also had the pleasure of listening to the Big Nasty Jazz Band play. Steve loves jazz music so it was perfect to add to our night. Afterwards we went to the French Board Chocolate Lounge. One of the docs had told Steve "it was a great spot to take your lady after dinner." So he did just that. We walked in and the line was literally at the door. As a couple were leaving, he said, "The line is worth the wait." Needless to say, we stayed, and had some amazing desserts and coffee.
We tired to adventures some and take a drive to Graveyard Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Basically this parkway takes you all through the mountains and through some great lookout spots. Unfortunately, the road was closed at half way into our trip for repairs to the tunnel, so we didn't make it to the waterfalls, but did get a pretty look at French Board River.

The next part of our trip led us to the Biltmore Estates! I had been when I was younger, but Steve never had, so it was a great experience for the both of us. There was so much about the house that I had forgotten about. I wish I could say I have tons of pictures to share, but there is no photography allowed in the house, so the outside will have to do. The gardens weren't much to see this time of year, but the house and winery were amazing! We got to eat lunch at the Stable Cafe, which is right next to the house. It is set up just has the horse stables would have been, but in restaurant fashion. Once we  drove the 5 miles up to Antler Hill and Winery, we had free wine tasting, browsed beautiful gift shops, and went on a "Bubbly" tour. They took us behind the scenes of making Sparking Wine or Champagne and ended with tasting all 6 of their "Bubbly's."It was a long day at the Biltmore, but definitely worth all the time spent. Some of the views from the house are breathe taking. I can only image what it looks like in summer or even at Christmas. The house rotates what rooms are on display, so I would love to go back again.
Horses near the barn at the Biltmore

In front of the house

Back Balcony at the house

House front up close
Inside the Stable Cafe

View of the Gardens
Tasting the Bubbly

The Inn at the Estates
If you are planning to visit the Biltmore, take a look at the packages on their website. We got free audio tour, breakfast every morning, lunch at the Stable Cafe for free, and tickets for the Biltmore delivered to our hotel. Thanks for the suggestion, Tori!!
We finished our weekend with a little outlet shopping in TN. I am sure most of you have been outlet shopping, but if you haven't, it's a definite must in the near future! I am always trilled by the deals you can find. It makes shopping so much more fun....even my husband enjoyed it :)
It was a great weekend getaway with each other and I can't wait for more to come!
Thanks Asheville!!


  1. Glad you all had such a good time!!

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